Cynthia G. Mason

For Immediate Release: It's a Cinematic Turn

For Immediate Release: It’s a Cinematic Turn
Singer/Songwriter Cynthia G. Mason Finds Her Way Back to the Grid with First New Recording in 8 years

Philadelphia indie rock singer/songwriter Cynthia G. Mason is preparing to release Cinematic Turn, her first new album in 8 years. Release date is Tuesday, June 16, 2015.

Cynthia wishes she could say that she has been hard at work writing new music all this time. But after almost 20 years of playing shows, she stopped completely. She also found that she couldn’t listen to any music anymore. Maybe it was an allergy? The music biz getting her down? Whatever it was, she put her guitar and gear in the very narrowest closet in the very bluest room of her house and closed the door.

Fast forward to 2013 and Cynthia, with the rest of the 90’s, realizes how much she misses music. A lot. She wanders to the Art Museum and sees Lee Ranaldo spinning a guitar around. Something shifts. Her daughter, 3 years old at the time, catches her pulling the guitar out of the closet and says, “Mommy, you play guitar?”

By December 2014, Cynthia finds herself at Miner Street Recordings, looking into the wild drummer eyes of Christopher Sean Powell, her old pal from before the turn of the century, who has since become a rock star with Man Man and others. She runs into bassist Ramon Monras-Sender on Germantown Avenue and persuades him to join the ensemble, and is later introduced to filmmaker Peter English who shockingly wows with the keys. Brian McTear and Amy Morrissey, producer and engineer extraordinaires, respectively, who have worked with the likes of Sharon Van Etten and Dr. Dog, are updating Cynthia on what has happened, calmly explaining Bandcamp and Fishtown, and convincingly trying to get her to return to Mad Men. Matt Poirier (Intern) and Matt Schimelfenig (Mixer) tell Cynthia that the kids actually want to live in Philly these days. When she drops her flip phone on the concrete floor and it falls to pieces, everyone cheers.

The phone, in critical condition, survives.

She’s still hiding out in the wilds of Mount Airy, and she manages to stay off of Facebook and most of social media. This will, clearly, doom any return to music that she has in mind. She gets onto Twitter a couple of weeks ago in a panic because it seems less offensive for some reason. That small blue bird.

So please write something about her new EP. Put her on the radio. Hell, put her somewhere online and challenge her to find it. Give her a show. She is very proud of her new songs and thinks she could be falling in love with music again. And Sleater-Kinney just returned. Is this Heaven? Thank you.

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