Cynthia G. Mason

"This music is as vivid, evocative and narratively compelling as a film."

                                 -Magnet Magazine

“Her graceful, understated songs frequently awed clubs full of noisy chatterers into silence.”
                               -Time Out New York: Top Shows

“Her songs are confessional, indicting, personal and fierce, but her detached delivery leavens the emotion conveyed by the performance and allows it instead to be felt by the listener.”

                                -Performing Songwriter Magazine

“Her entrancing, hushed songs never go to obvious places. Instead, they feature unexpected chord progressions and intriguingly elliptical lyrics.” 

                                -Philadelphia Inquirer

“Mason's placid delivery and appealing production have lulled me into believing Pennsylvania is a modern-day utopia with mood-lighting.”

                                -Prefix Magazine  

“Laid thick with Nick Drake-y drones and Mason’s plainspoken vocals, Quitter’s Claim showcases a lot of what there is to love about the New Folk movement/thing — a kind of ageless directness.”  


“A dark, introspective set of starkly gorgeous miniatures.”